"All things excellent are rare"

We believe that excellence is a quality worth striving for in both our work and in the top quality sport horses – from foal to grand prix horse – that we market to our clients.

When we established EQUUS FINEST it was never our intention to be just another regular horse trader because there are already plenty of those in Europe.

We want to take a new approach based on a different philosophy that sets us apart from all the other businesses in this complex and sometimes unethical market.

Everyone knows that the sale of a top competition horses can involve enormous commission payments to agents and middlemen – often for just one single phone call. People aren’t always entirely honest about the condition of the horses’ health, either. Ultimately, the horse sells for a price that is double what it would have cost if greed had been left out of the equation, and the people who lose out in the process are the buyers and sellers.

EQUUS FINEST is committed to marketing horses according to the principles of TRUST, FAIRNESS and TRANSPARENCY.

We support our clients in the sale process by sourcing serious buyers for their top quality horses. They then negotiate the sale with the buyers directly.

EQUUS FINEST has a global network of contacts and the relevant expertise in dealing with potential buyers, organizing try-outs and medical examinations, and contract drafting.

We also specialize in assisting clients who feel a little overwhelmed by the vast number of horses for sale in the market and are unsure about the whole horse trade scene.

All you have to do is tell us what kind of a horse you're looking for and we'll find it for you!

At a realistic and fair price!